AARON ZORNES for Hillsborough City Council

A results-oriented community activist-- not a professional politician or 'vanity' candidate

Key Issues for Hillsborough

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Early "Community Leader" Supporters

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Key Dates to Remember

Learn when you get to protect your right-to-vote, rather than have another "appointed" city council. Read More

Key Issues for Hillsborough

  • Accelerate our wildfire preparedness (clear the canyons now— not 3-5 years from now, educate & facilitate property owners; coordinate evacuation routes & refugee staging areas) Read “position paper”
  • Protect our quality of life (legislate aethestic cell tower placement -- 150' setback from residences & no more than 40' tall) Read cell tower “position paper”
  • Protect our quality of life (gas-powered leaf blower ban) Read gas-powered leaf blower “position paper”
  • Fix our emergency communications services (remember cellphone & water pressure failures during 2019 wildfire blackouts? Remember conflicting text messages about when/if your neighborhood was going to be blacked out?) Read “position paper”
  • Modernize our city council processes for "good governance" (transparency, participation & engagement via live video stream of all town hall meetings & video archive all; enable online & oral commentary, not just written) Read “position paper”
  • Focus our "best in class" police on property & auto crime (not expensive “big city” equipment/training) Read draft “position paper”

Early "Community Leader" Supporters (no professional policitians)

  • Terri Cruce – executive, former HNN director/volunteer (Hillsborough Neighborhood Network), HCSD parent, 13 year resident
  • Sandy Franchi – past president of Hillsborough Democratic Club & the San Mateo County Bar Association, immigration lawyer, 15+ year resident
  • Orna Resnekov – molecular scientist, board member, 20+ year resident
  • Annie Pong – ABC News producer, 15+ year resident
  • Dennis Moore – tech executive & founder, 16 year resident
  • Tim Guleri– managing partner Sierra Ventures, founder Hillsborough Citizen Alliance (HCA), 25 + year resident
  • Larry Friedberg – former eBay exec; co-founder Hillsborough Citizens Alliance (HCA), 25+ year resident
  • Sean Jiam – technology executive, 8 year resident
  • Andrew Corradini – clean energy technology entrepreneur, 15+ year resident
  • John Lavrich – top Hillsborough contractor, 20+ year resident
  • Phyllis Tankel – Hillsborough Schools Foundation volunteer (incl 2 years as HSF President), 25+ year resident
  • Eric Tilenius – technology entrepreneur & executive, 20+ year resident
  • See more supporters ... Read more

Did You Know?

  • In the ongoing disputes and settlement consideration regarding potential cell tower proliferation, one of the five sitting council members acquired up to $100,000 in related stock (Crown Castle) & did NOT recuse himself from closed door & public meetings/votes which subsequently led to illegal "backdoor" settlement with Crown Castle that would have gutted our design standards unnecessarily (as confirmed by the 9th Circuit Court most recently)? This conflict of interest & deliberate effort to blindside Hillsborough residents by the current Town Council has now embroiled the town in distracting & expensive legal efforts.
  • Many peninsula cities have banned gas-powered leaf blowers but Hillsborough’s city council refuses to put on agenda for discussion/action? For example, Berkeley, Carmel, Los Altos, Mill Valley, Palo Alto, Portola Valley & Saratoga have banned these polluting, public nuisances
  • Most town governments on the Peninsula have had video streaming & archiving for key town process/meetings for years? Burlingame, Daly City, Foster City, Millbrae, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Jose & more. But not here in Hillsborough...
  • Hillsborough’s city council has been “appointed” rather than elected in 4 of the past 5 elections, by the same group of self-appointed politicians for the past 10 years?

"Do you want to keep the status quo on the above by electing the same group of politicians & their friends for our City Council?"

Key Dates to Remember

  • Sept 24 thru Oct 13 – Sample Ballot & Voter Info Pamphlet mailed to all voters
  • Oct 5 thru Oct 27 – Vote by Mail ballots mailed out
  • Oct 19 – deadline to register – click here
  • Nov 3 – deadline to postmark ballot or vote in person

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