Hillsborough Town Council Campaign

NAME: Aaron Zornes
AGE: 67
OCCUPATION: Software Industry Analyst

As a 30+ year resident with a proven community advocate record, I will ensure Hillsborough fully benefits from 21st century processes by focusing on issues fundamental to the quality of life we enjoy while championing the need to improve upon the status quo.

Having participated in city council meetings for 15+ years, I bring my history of successful business leadership to address fundamental challenges facing our town.

My stewardship of residents’ trust will focus on citizen input, public transparency & good governance with a focus on fixing “quality of life” issues.

During my 40+ year business career, I helped start several software companies that spawned the $750B software industry – including executive roles in both start-ups & very large-scale technology firms. I have global experience in diplomatically engaging diverse stakeholders to solve complex problems to everyone's mutual benefit.

All three of my daughters benefited from West & Crocker schools, while I’ve been active with Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Hillsborough Neighborhood Network (HNN), SFORUNWAYNOISE, Hillsborough Citizens Alliance (HCA), NO-MO-GAS-BLO, & other community programs. 2,500+ Twitter followers; 7,500+ LinkedIn 1st degree followers; & am a key Google field reviewer (50,000+ hits)

I have lived in the SF Bay area more or less since 1976 since graduating from the University of Arizona with an MS in Management Information Systems (one of only five universities at that time offering graduate degrees in Computer Science). I then spent almost ten years in Marin & San Francisco, before settling down in Hillsborough “for the schools & quiet”. I have also lived & worked in Washington (D.C.), Boston, New York City, & Sydney (Australia). As the son of a career USAF sergeant, I spent 2-5 years each in England & the Philippines during my early school years.

Rather than serve on boards, I have focused on driving results that directly impact our community – including wildfire preparedness, cellphone towers, emergency communications, home/auto burglary prevention & transparency/good governance.

Position Papers

Emergency Communications

Good Governance

Auto & Property Crime

Quality of Life

SFO Runway Noise

Wildfire Preparedness